Affinity has the ability to identifiy companies’ untapped potential and leverages its deep operational and financial resources to transform results. Our firm is a trusted partner that is recognized for its investment and operational experience, including particular expertise in the consumer products and services, food and beverage, industrial, packaging, chemicals, minerals, energy, building products, automotive, restaurant and retail sectors.

Affinity focuses on companies that are operationally challenged, experiencing an industry or business transition, undergoing a corporate divestiture, or managing rapid growth. Performance improvement is driven by partnering with strong management teams and utilizing our substantial in-house resources and expertise. Our in-house resources consists of dedicated professionals who, prior to joining Affinity, spent their careers operating businesses. Also, Seller friendly contract terms (no over-negotiation), Acquisition of stock, assets, bank debt, bonds and/or other securities, and cash infusion for liquidity.

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